The Platform

Optimize outcomes. Minimize costs.


MoveDocs is the leading Personal Injury Solutions Platform that integrates key medical, financial, and expert services to optimize client case outcomes while minimizing the time it takes to achieve them. MoveDocs was created by doctors and attorneys who knew there must be a better – and more efficient – way to support their clients. More than 20 years later, 40,000+ personal injury law firms and 10,000+ providers have used the platform and seen the results.

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  • Leverage an interactive map of 10,000+ provider options* in 40+ specialties who accept personal injury patients
  • Schedule and track care with a few simple clicks
  • Retrieve bills, records, and chronology reports 24/7 to help you create demand letters quickly
  • Manage your cases within your CMS systems easily through robust integrations
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  • Access to funds in as little as 24 hours for your plaintiffs upon approval
  • Apply online with a few clicks – or through a dedicated rep for personal service
  • Retrieve payoff amount, download payoff letters, and track funding history 24/7
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  • Receive an attorney-curated team of experts to choose from to create the strongest case
  • Collect all key resources and materials in one place via the platform
  • Fund experts with ExpertPays’ money – you only pay back when you win!

MoveDocs integrates with the following case management softwares, so that medical bills, records, reports, and appointment information are delivered directly to your CMS case file. We work with Filevine, CASEpeer, and vCase, and we are adding more every day.


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MoveDocs team members

MoveDocs was born from frustration, pain, and personal struggles. Both Steven Ainbinder and Kenny Fust, as healthcare professionals themselves, knew there was a better way to get the patients they saw the treatments they needed, especially personal injury patients. So, in 2006, they founded MoveDocs.

Today, the platform goes beyond helping ease the burden of plaintiff medical – including leading plaintiff funding and expert services all in one place. Which means better outcomes for plaintiffs, faster settlements for lawyers, faster payments for doctors, and a system that works better for all.