Taking the pain out of personal injury

MoveDocs was born from frustration, pain, and personal struggles by two compassionate clinicians. The story began in 2003, when Steven Ainbinder, a doctor focused on treating cancer patients, found himself stricken with a condition that threatened his own life. He ended up working with two Fortune 500 biotechnology companies to fast-track FDA clearance on a novel class of medications to treat himself and millions of others globally. In the process, he met Kenny Fust, a chiropractor who saw patients come through his doors every day struggling to get the care they needed, especially if they had been involved in a personal injury case. Both Steven and Kenny shared passion and expertise – and knew there was a better way to connect injured patients with top-tier physicians to get the care they needed, which led to the creation of MoveDocs.

What started as an Excel grid of trusted physicians who would care for their patients, regardless of their ability to pay, quickly became a powerful platform that both doctors and lawyers could access to support their clients. This grew to over 10,000 doctors across 32 states, covering the continuum of care patients need in order to get back to their lives sooner.

The vision for the platform remains much the same: Enable doctors and lawyers to optimize recovery outcomes for their plaintiffs, while minimizing the cost and time required to do so. Today, the platform goes beyond medical – to include plaintiff funding, expert services, and more, all in one place that seamlessly syncs with software that doctors and lawyers are already using. Which means better outcomes for plaintiffs, faster settlements for lawyers, faster payouts for doctors, and a system that works better for all.

MoveDocs team members
Kenny Fust, Jason Manger, Steven Ainbinder and Ryan Kelly
Young man and woman using computer