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The MoveDocs platform integrates and streamlines the important medical and financial details of your case – and expedites access to services like expert witnesses and plaintiff funding. Why? To increase the odds of optimal outcomes for your clients while minimizing the time needed to achieve them.

Since 2006, the platform has been used by 40,000+ personal injury attorneys who have seen the difference in their cases and outcomes. Best of all, the platform is completely free to use.

With our database of 10,000+ providers* who accept personal injury patients, you can help your clients locate convenient care options that include 40+ specialties, virtual care, non-English language options, and more.


Once your client identifies the provider that works best for them, scheduling can be completed in a few simple clicks. They receive reminders for their appointments, and you are updated along the way to make sure they are continuing the care they need to get better.

Stay on top of completed or missed appointments, monitor expenses against policy limits, and get bills and records delivered to you automatically. Generate chronology and payoff reports in a click to expedite the process of creating your demand letter.


Connect plaintiffs to funding from Oasis Financial, the national leader. Funds can be requested and tracked, and payoff amounts and letters can be downloaded at any time. Once approved, your clients can have money in as little as 24 hours.

Oasis Financial

ExpertPays’ lawyers comb resources to find options for expert witnesses and case-related service providers to help you strengthen your argument and demand. And because ExpertPays funds the services up front, you don’t have to carry the case costs. You only pay when you win. Your firm can drive efficiency, growth, and profitability while you stay focused on the case.


MoveDocs integrates with the following case management softwares, so that medical bills, records, reports, and appointment information are delivered directly to your CMS case file. We work with Filevine, CASEpeer, and vCase, and we are adding more every day.


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Firms are seeing the results of the MoveDocs platform immediately – for themselves and the clients they serve.

MoveDocs, in just a few short years, has revolutionized my firm’s approach to auto accident cases. MoveDocs will be a key partner with the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow for years to come!

Adam Smallow

Law Offices of Adam M Smallow

I love working with MoveDocs because they provide access to providers that many of my clients would traditionally have trouble seeing after an accident, and they streamline our billing and record requests. They alleviate a lot of our headaches in helping personal injury clients get the care they need.

Jon Y

Ezrine, Castro & Stavisky, P.A

MoveDocs has streamlined my clients’ ability to find reputable treatment facilities for their accident injuries. The portal gives me the ability to monitor the progress of each case, and provides immediate access to records and bills. I highly recommend MoveDocs. My relationship with MoveDocs has helped my clients and my practice.

Nicolas Parr

The Law Offices of Nicolas Parr

My experience with MoveDocs has been great so far. I really enjoy the efficiency of the portal, especially with the new features, such as the maps. The tech team is very responsive as well. I had a case from my prior firm, and tech support was able to transfer to the file to Sanchez Mills Law within a matter of hours.

Bethbiriah Sanchez

Sanchez Mills Law