For Providers


MoveDocs is a HIPAA-compliant platform for providers who want to treat personal injury as part of their payor mix. Through MoveDocs, providers can promote their practice directly to the law firms and patients who need their services. Through robust integrations with case management software, a provider’s appointment dates/times, bills, records, and more are directly shared from their EHR with the law firm. Once the patient has recovered, MoveDocs services the account eliminating the endless calls and status updates that provider offices endure to secure payment. 

Lawyers and their plaintiffs can now easily find you via our searchable interactive map. The map offers unmatched convenience to help a plaintiff find providers like you who welcome personal injury patients. Patients can search and schedule appointments with their attorneys in the click of a button.


Our simple “drag and drop” system allows for bills and records to be uploaded with ease, connecting you with law firms seamlessly and eliminating countless calls, emails, and faxes.

MoveDocs can build custom EHR workflows to streamline record retrieval, making HIPAA-compliant sharing of bills and records with law firms fast and painless.

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One centralized patient view allows for ongoing visibility and tracking of the patient and payments on their cases. See at a glance, services provided, and dollars paid and outstanding, eliminating hours of busy work.