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MoveDocs is a cloud-based platform that now integrates with Filevine to help attorneys and healthcare providers speed workflows and drive efficiency throughout a patient’s journey to recovery.

Save time, reduce phone calls, and confidently move cases forward faster.

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Interactive Map with 10,000+ Provider Options for Care

Get one click access to a growing database of medical providers* who accept personal injury patients, so you can help clients find a care option near them. 40+ specialties, virtual care, non-English language options, and more.

Medical Bills and Records Delivered
Straight to Filevine

Get bills, records, and documents in near real-time delivered directly to your Filevine case from healthcare providers, experts, and other service partners on the MoveDocs platform.

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Integrated Balance Requests, Chronology Reports, & Final Payoffs

Generate balance requests to prepare for demands and request payout amounts at settlement – know where the case medicals stand, so there are no surprises after settlement.

Customizable Button Placements

Customize the locations of the MoveDocs integration widget on Filevine wherever it best fits your needs.

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Filevine + MoveDocs Integrations

Client Details Automatically Pre-populated

Support medical treatment scheduling with ease – eliminate data entry time and errors.

Near Real-Time Pushed Bills, Records, & Documents

Receive bills, records, and documents straight into a client’s activity feed as well as under client “Docs”.

Appointment Status Updates

Get the latest care updates – from request, to patient scheduled, to patient seen – through email notices and notes in real time, added to the Filevine case Activity Feed.

Client Case Actions

Get a detailed audit trail of a clients’ journey to recovery in MoveDocs within the Filevine Activity Feed – use #MoveDocs.

Synced MoveDocs Requests & Documents

Receive Balance Requests, Chronology Reports, and Final Payoffs straight into a client’s Filevine activity feed as well as under client “Docs”.

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