Bringing today’s technology into Legal case management

The first attorney-centric cloud-based platform dedicated to retrieving your clients records / bills while tracking their medical journey to recovery.

Why MoveDocs?

We have experience. We have been servicing medical bills and records for law firms since 2008

Locate Medical Providers

Clients have difficulty finding doctors who treat injured patients with legal claims, this is especially difficult to track as attorneys have clients across the country.

  • More than 3,000 providers nationally who care for injured patients
  • On-Line appointment scheduling available
  • Actively adding provider who treat clients like yours

Manage Bills and Records

Medical records retrieval can be costly, time, consuming and inefficient

  • Instant access 24/7 on a secure HIPAA-compliant web portal
  • Send & receive records requests in one location, where all your other documents are
  • Have account specialists to assist with medical billing settlement; easy & efficient!

Oversee Cases

Tacking your clients’ medical appointments, treatment plan & medical bills is time consuming yet critical and improves client retention

  • Improve client compliance with appointment reminder text &updates for missed appointment
  • Follow your clients’ medical appointments and recommendations in near real-time
  • Monitor total medical bills

Access Valuable Services

We are always looking for new services that add value and efficiencies

  • Fairly priced pre-settlement advances
  • Nationwide pharmacy on a medical lien/LOP
  • Hospital records retrieval
* Doctors' CV's available
** not available for all MoveDocs Preferred Providers


Jon Y -- Attorney -- Ezrine, Castro & Stavisky, P.A -- Baltimore, MD

"I love working with MoveDocs because they provide access to providers that many of my clients would traditionally have trouble seeing after an accident, and they streamline our billing and record requests. They alleviate a lot of our headaches in helping personal injury clients get the care they need."

Nicholas A. Parr -- Partner -- The Law Offices of Nicholas A. Parr -- Baltimore, MD

"MoveDocs and their Preferred Providers has streamlined my clients' ability to find reputable treatment facilities for their accident injuries. The portal gives me the ability to monitor the progress of each case and provides immediate access to records and bills. I highly recommend Movedocs. My relationship with MoveDocs has helped my clients and my practice."

Adam M. Smallow -- Partner -- Law Offices of Adam M Smallow -- Baltimore, MD

“MoveDocs, in just a few short years, has revolutionized my firm’s approach to auto accident cases. MoveDocs will be a key partner with the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow for years to come!”

Bethbiriah Sanchez -– Partner -– Sanchez Mills Law -– Austin, TX

"My experience with MoveDocs has been great so far. I really enjoy the efficiency of the portal, especially with the new features, such as the maps. The tech team is very responsive as well. I had a case from my prior firm, and tech support was able to transfer to the file to Sanchez Mills Law with a matter of hours."

Michael -- Paralegal -- San Antonio, TX

"So much easier! Love the immediate access to documents"

Wilma -- Legal Assistant -- Atlanta, GA

“Thank you! Got my records and bills in a snap”

Katherine -- Paralegal -- Beverly Hills, CA

“So helpful! Thank you so much”


Client is rear-ended in a car accident.
They need treatment and you’d love to help, but it’s hard to find local, high quality doctors that treat underinsured patients.
You log onto MoveDocs and find a great doctor 2 miles away. With an introduction via MoveDocs , your client is given immediate VIP treatment.
With MoveDocs auto-scheduling feature, appointment reminder and treatment confirmations are automatically sent. Help eliminate missed doctor visits!
After treatment, the provider uploads your client’s bills and records to MoveDocs .
Your client may need an expert report (e.g., life care plan) but it would be burdensome for your office to front the cost. Through MoveDocs , hire top experts available to testify nationwide and defer fee payment until case settlement.
Your client has reached maximum medical improvement and you need to collect the bills and records for your demand letter. Sign onto MoveDocs and download them instantly, saving your staff hours of time.
Your case settles and you need to satisfy the outstanding medical bills / liens. With MoveDocs Preferred Providers, send all your requests with one click – no need to contact each provider individually.

We're here for you

The MoveDocs team is ready to provide free support, onboarding and training.

Our advantages

Stay informed

Customized dashboards allow you to monitor medical bills balance, evaluate caseloads, track future settlements and project your firm’s cash flow.

Quality providers

Fast & Easy access with on-line appointment scheduling for medical providers who treat injured victims.

Streamline your case work

Have one point of contact when servicing providers bills and limit locations for payment at the time of settlement.

Improve client experience & retention

Features like auto messaging appointment reminders increase treatment compliance and keeps you in the know regarding your clients care journey. This results in increased client retention.

Thank you!

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