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The first cloud-based platform focused on maximizing personal injury case efficiency and outcomes. Download our desktop app below.

Your Personal Injury Platform

A multitude of value-added services, including a HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly webportal that allows for transfer and storage of documents between law firms and providers.

Dedicated experts

Our team includes former physicians, PI attorneys, and paralegals. We’ve brought together decades of experience to make MoveDocs the most powerful tool on the market to manage your personal injury cases.

Online efficiencies & solutions

MoveDocs takes the work out of records requests both for your office and for providers. No more leaving messages and waiting for callbacks, which means faster demand letters and case resolution.

We're here for you

The MoveDocs team is ready to provide free support, onboarding and training.

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Stay informed

Customized dashboards allow you to watch for out of control medical charges, evaluate caseloads, track future settlements and project your firm’s cash flow.

Life care plans "on a lien"

In partnership with Expertpays, MoveDocs now offers life care plans on a lien. Easily share records with pre-vetted, world class experts and strengthen your case without up-front costs.

Quality providers

VIP access for your clients to high quality medical providers who treat personal injury patients

Streamline your case work

Features like custom auto-messaging help your office stay on top of appointment statuses, treatment compliance and case status updates.