Integrated Automatic Lien Servicing Solutions

Following up and collecting on lien/LOP cases is a time consuming task for any providers office. Let MoveDocs assist with servicing your in-house liens through technology. Through our platform and proprietary software, we are able to decrease overhead related to lien/ LOP servicing and increase revenue through compliance.

Cloud computing

How it works:

  • 1.) Upload Medical Lien records / Bills / Documents into our HIPAA compliant secured portal.
  • 2.) MoveDocs will then que your data every 90 days for a status update via fax out, email or text message to law offices
  • 3.) This communication feature is done automatically and allows the attorneys to login our system to update the case status or fax the status back into the system to auto update the clients account.
  • 4.) These communications increase the speed of payment after settlement and reduce the risk of missed payments.

How does it Benefit Medical Providers:

  • 1.) Medical Providers will be able to see the live updates within the MoveDocs dashboard. The medical provider will see how many cases are in still treating status, in litigation or pending payment status.
  • 2.) Stop cases slipping through the cracks and not getting paid on them.
  • 3.) Save money…cut expenses on internal wages for employees organizing, collecting and administrating paperwork by organizing it with MoveDocs automation
  • 4.) Low service fee based on per case basis.

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