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CRM Features for Providers

  • Customizable Dashboard

    Review in a summary the Patient No Shows, Follow-Up Notices, and Patient Balances. Also, you can download the activities into reports right off the dashboard into a excel format.

  • Patient Contact Information

    Easily view your patient contact information. You may also add more fields to the contact information for you to view.

  • File Sharing

    Share your patient’s medical documents with others (ie. doctors or attorneys) through a secure and easily accessible environment. They will be invited to go online and view the specific documents you have given them permission to view in your medical practice space. The system keeps track of what they download and when. You can even share the files with your patients.

  • Upload Medical Records and Bills

    Documents can be easily uploaded to each patient’s secure account through drop and drag, Proprietary Bar Code technology through direct fax, Direct Deposit or email. The medical provider has control over how the virtual file cabinet is to be organized and documents named.

  • Patient Scheduling

    A built in scheduler will allow you to schedule a patient and remind them via auto text messaging of their appointment.

  • Patient Notes

    Case notes are time stamped and recorded by the person entering the note.

  • Administration Center

    Each office will have an administrator allowing different levels of access for each user. Documents can be downloaded, printed or securely emailed.

  • Records archive center

    Medical Providers can retrieve previous cases up to six years for a nominal storage fee.

  • Text messaging center

    Communication between medical provider and the patient is one of the most problematic issues in a case. Through MoveDocs a medical provider can communicate through texting so the patient can remember appointments and also feels connected and their concerns are quickly addressed.